Listening Group is a conversational practice around the act of listening as a concentrated, critical form of hearing. Collaboratively initiating conversations around selected voices and aiming to generate resonance while listening and walking together.


Nº 40
Areumnari Ee and Leon Filter read the film Medina Wasl: Connecting Town by Gelare Khoshgozaran
27:49 min

Nº 39
Nadja Henß and Vera Mühlebach read the film Segunda Vez by Dora Garcia
18:28 min

Nº 38
Nadja Henß and Vera Mühlebach read the series Stories of a Dumpster Kid by Ula Stöckl and Edgar Reitz
32:07 min

Nº 37
Maud Gyssels and Mirjam Steffen read the film Freak Orlando by Ulrike Ottinger
12:56 min

Nº 36
Anna Piroska Tóth and Leon Filter read the film The Garden by Derek Jarman
30:56 min

Nº 35
Isabelle Weber and Jan Pieter ‘t Hart read the film Storytelling for Earthly Survival by Fabrizio Terranova
26:06 min

Nº 34
Zane Zajančkauska and Ilze Kalnbērziņa-Praz read the film No False Echoes (2008) by Wendelien van Oldenborgh
21:11 min

Nº 33
Dorothy Hunter reads the film Who's Afraid of Ideology? (2018) by Marwa Arsanios
29:25 min

Nº 32
Sara Benaglia reads the film Dreams, Clouds, Off, Exile (2017) by Ute Holl & Peter Ott
19:10 min

Nº 31
Rabea Ridlhammer reads from and contributes to Cruising as by Moira Hille
37:38 min

Nº 30
Leon Filter reads from and contributes to the introduction of Deep Listening by Pauline Oliveros
28:55 min

Nº 29
Baha Görkem Yalim reads from and contributes to chapter 5 disembodying the female voice of The Acoustic Mirror by Kaja Silverman in relation to the film The Silences of the Palace (1995) by Moufida Tlatli
24:39 min

Nº 28
Clara Amaral reads from and contributes to The force of Listening by Lucia Farinati and Claudia Firth, chapter 4:Collective listening or Listening and collectivity
29:47 min

Nº 27
Jon Mikel Euba reads from and contributes to his book Writing out loud Session 3: Locations.
29:09 min

Nº 26
Ruth Noack and SolLikeSoul read from and contribute to Poetry is not a luxury by Audre Lorde
25:37 min

Nº 25
Yen Noh reads from and contributes to Choosing the Margin as a Space for Radical Openness by Bell Hooks in relation to the film Reassemblage by Trinh T. Minh-ha (1983)
21:47 min

Nº 24
Vinita Gatne reads from and contributes to chapter 3 Bodytalk of The Acoustic Mirror by Kaja Silverman, in relation to the film Reassemblage by Trinh T. Minh-ha (1983)
15:33 min

Nº 23
Valentina Curandi reads from and contributes to Matters of Care by Maria Puig de la Bellacasa
25:14 min

Nº 22
Karolin Meunier reads from and contributes to the script of the film Scuola Senza Fine by Adriana Monti
15:35 min

Nº 21
Lucie Draai reads from and contributes to Towards a Black Feminist Poethics by Denise Ferreira da Silva
26:51 min

Nº 20
Anne van Mourik reads from and contributes to Herdenken Herdacht by Simon(e) van Saarloos (dutch)
26:52 min

Nº 19
Sajonara Stutgard reads from and contributes to Het trauma van een ander by Heleen Debeuckelaere (dutch)
10:56 min

Nº 18
Agata Cieslak reads from and contributes to The German Ideology by Karl Marx
21:15 min

Nº 17
Sanne Kabalt reads from and contributes to Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes
5:44 min

Nº 16
Rabea Ridlhammer reads from Cut! Reproduction and Recombination by Hito Steyerl
23:15 min

Nº 15
Flora Valeska Woudstra reads from and contributes to Say Camera by Irena Hayduk
9:58 min

Nº 14
Valentina Curandi reads from and contributes to Uses of the Erotic by Audre Lorde
20:52 min

Nº 13
Krista Jantowski reads from Ground provisions by Stefano Harney and Tonika Sealy Thompson
13:56 min

Nº 12
Rabea Ridlhammer reads from Chapter 3 Bodytalk of The Acoustic Mirror by Kaja Silverman
13:03 min

Nº 11
Sanne Kabalt and Polly Wright read from Small White Monkeys by Sophie Collins and from Anger, Anxiety, Abstraction: Virginia Woolf’s Submerged Truth by Kathleen M. Helal and Virginia Woolf
9:36 min

Nº 10
Valentina Curandi reads from Do You Intend to Die by Lauren Berlant
31:34 min

Nº 9
Sebastian de Line reads form Different Movements of Bodies in the City by Mia You and Lyn Hejinian
11:20 min

Nº 8
Mirjam Linschooten reads from The surviving Image by Georges Didi-Huberman
12:02 min

Nº 7
Nathaniel Katz reads from Sensing Beyond Security of Politics of Touch: Sense, Movement, Sovereignty by Erin Manning
20:03 min

Nº 6
Hanno Filter reads from and contributes to Justice-to-Come and the Inhumanness of Its Call. by Karen Barad
15:07 min

Nº 5
Rabea Ridlhammer reads from Dance by Bojana Kunst
32:53 min

Nº 4
Mirjam Linschooten reads from Manifesto by Leela Gandhi
67:06 min

Nº 3
Eric Peter reads from Practice of Everyday Life by Michel de Certeau
13:20 min

Nº 2
Polly Wright reads from Wanderlust by Rebecca Solnit
7:41 min

Nº 1
Leon Filter reads from Friendship by Giorgio Agamben
24:41 min

Nº 0
Leon Filter reads an introduction into the practice of the Listening Group
3:18 min


Listening Group is at home at WALTER books in Arnhem (NL) and accompanies Bulegoa z/b's study-group Curating Positions at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI).

Since its initiation in 2018 by Leon Filter, a group of fellow artists, curators and collaborators support and produce the Listening Group sessions: Marwa Arsanios, Valentina Curandi, Krista Jantowski, Eric Peter, Emily Pethick, Leire Vergara, Flora Valeska Woudstra and Polly Wright. The conceptual foundation was layed out during a curatorial session shared by Polly Wright, Eric Peter and Leon Filter during Curating Positions study group practicing organization under present conditions.
Special thanks for consistently supporting and pushing the development to Valentina Curandi and Leire Vergara.

Thanks to all listeners and contributers to the Listening Group: Sara Benaglia, Maxime Gourdon, Dorothy Hunter, Iva Kovač, Niccolò Masini, Azul De Monte, Zoi Moutsokou, Kari Rosenfelt, Georgia Stellin, Zane Zajančkauska, Ciaran Wood, Clara Amaral, Clara Saito, Dina Mohamed, Vita Buyvid, Livio Casanova, Raphael Daibert, Sara Cattin, Vinita Gatne, Areumnari Ee, Leon Filter, Irati Irulegi, Ellen Nunes, Eric Peter, Polly Wright, Katarina Sarkissova, Yen Noh, Valentina Curandi, Flora Valeska Woudstra, Leire Vergara, Marwa Arsanios, Emily Pethick, Gabriëlle Schleijpen, Ricardo Liong-A-Kong, Gabriella Torres-Ferrer, Calvin Z. Laing, Anik Fournier, the students of Fine Art (BEAR) of ArtEZ, Mia van den Bos, Ian Clewe, Krista Jantowski, Conrad Useldinger, Hypatia Vourloumis, Despina Sevasti, Mirjam Linschooten, Rabea Ridlhammer, Hanno Filter, Nathaniel Katz, Sebastian de Line, Sanne Kabalt, Agata Cieslak, Sajonara Stutgard, Anne van Mourik, Lucie Draai, Karolin Meunier, Ruth Noack, SolLikeSoul, Baha Görkem Yalim, Jon Mikel Euba and Ilze Kalnbērziņa-Praz.

Listening Group is supported by Bulegoa z/b, Dutch Art Institute (DAI), WALTER books – for the readers and mondriaan fund.

Here you can read more about the Listening Group practice and its development.

For any questions or requests mail to